Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bridal Beauty Inspiration for a Spring Wedding in NYC

While wedding in general is a very happy occasion but those in spring seems to have the benefit of best fashion trends on their fingertips. The latest fashion styles, makeup technique and elegant hairdos all seems to be at their very best in spring. This year’s spring is no different, we already have some crushingly great ideas for the brides-to-be and all they need to do is call for New York Wedding Limousine, go dress shopping and book the best event planners for their wedding.

Wedding Limousine NYC will allow you to have a classy wedding and a great time:

Let’s have a look at the chic makeup styles trending;

  • White lashes are all in. Imagine them paired with your pearl white dress and you’ll look nothing less of a princess.

  • Dark colored lips have been all the rage for the past years but the spring wedding seems to ask for something different and the refreshing pink colors seems like a refreshingly cool look.

The bridal fashion week was a comfort to the eyes with all the flamboyant dresses we saw on the runway. Let’s see the ones that appeared most gorgeous:

  • Off the shoulder wedding gowns are definitely trending. It can be paired with simple gown, embellished gown or a gown with off-the-shoulder puffed sleeves with cute little bows. But off-the-shoulder it is.

  • The tradition of brides wearing signature white is as old as time but girls with rebellious streak and the desire to be different can take up the trend of picking up any pastel colors like Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Following hairdos didn’t fail to impress us and we believe brides with these hairdos will look exceptionally unique and different:

  • Boxer braids are long French braids finished with a slick look. You might have seen the Kardashians clan sporting it several times.

  • It’s your wedding not an interview where you need to make sure every hair is in its place that is the taut knot in your hair. Brides changed the game by tying a messy knot on the top of head and allowed all the frayed hair to hang lose and frame their face.

And when you are all dressed and made up in outfit like this, make sure your ride is a Wedding Limo Company NYC. As you step out of one of the NYC Wedding Limo Service we assure you that every head will turn in your direction.

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