Thursday, October 12, 2017

“What in World Were You Thinking?” A NYC Coach Bus Doesn’t Sound Sexy, but It’s Awesome for Bachelor Parties!

When Joseph sat down to talk to his friends about the NYC Coach Bus be hired for John’s bachelor party, they just looked at him, stunned. “What in the world were you thinking?” One of his friend said.

NYC Coach Bus Services are a Joke!
This was the thinking. That’s because Joseph’s friends were only thinking about the traditional coach bus. They were thinking about a vehicle they rode in high school to a concert a sporting event, maybe even to a field trip. They weren’t thinking along the lines of what Joseph was thinking.

He was thinking about Party Buses:
He could’ve even been thinking about NYC Coach Bus Services as a great way to celebrate this momentous occasion in their friend’s life. He was about to get married. John was about to take on a spouse and end his single life.

They never spent a lot of time in New York City, and a tour would have been a great idea.
Instead, Joseph with thinking about a party bus when he mentioned a NYC Coach Bus Rental.

He kept them all in the dark, made his friends feel he was really out of his mind and had made a mistake. It was fun to see them react that way and even more fun to see their reaction when that incredible party bus arrived to pick them all up. They suddenly all felt like celebrities.

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